Remote Autofill

Signin to websites on your computer, using the Future Pass app

This feature is Coming Soon

What is Remote Autofill?

The Remote Autofill feature allows you to sign-in to a website on a computer, using the Future Pass app on your phone.

How does it work?

Once available, you’ll be able to install the Future Pass for Chrome extension and pair your device.

Next, you pick the login details you’d like to use from the Future Pass app, which securely sends them to your web browser.

The sign-in screen is then prefilled for you using your chosen login details.

Why did we design autofill this way?

We chose to build Remote Autofill in a way that reduces exposure, by only sharing specific login details with your computer.

With Remote Autofill, you can sign-in to websites on a computer without having to open, decrypt and (potentially) expose all of your saved login details on that device.

We think it’s great because Remote Autofill can be used on your personal computer, or to sign-in on other computers (like your work or a family member’s computer) without having to sync across your full account and data.

Which browsers are supported?

We expect to support Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on MacOS and Windows at launch, with Firefox and Safari coming in 2023.


Please note that this feature may not be available on all plans, devices, platforms or in all regions — please see our plans page for more information.

Last updated November 18, 2022