Password Generator

Helping you create unique passwords and PINs

Password Health

Creating long, unique passwords is critical to having good password health.

Reusing passwords is generally a bad idea, because when a password becomes exposed, all of your accounts and devices that use the same password are at risk.

Password Generator

The Future Pass password generator is built into the app, and helps you create long, unique passwords.

It will appear on the keyboard when you add or edit a login record.

Tap the Generate a Password button to create random passwords, based on your app settings.

The Future Pass Password Generator

Update the Default Settings

You can update the default settings used by the Password Generator, in DashboardApp Settings.

1. Length of passwords

You can configure password lengths of up to 128 characters in length.

We suggests using a length of 28+.

The Future Pass Password Generator
2. Include Words

The password generator can include random words in passwords, to make it more human friendly.

You also have a few options around how the words should be capitalised, to give your passwords additional randomness.

The Future Pass Password Generator
3. Include Symbols

You can also include symbols in your generated passwords too, which by default use a basic set of symbols.

For more variety, you can enable Use all symbols to include all of the available symbols.

The Future Pass Password Generator
Try it out

Once you adjust your preferred settings, you can generate test passwords by tapping on the blue button.

The Future Pass Password Generator
Last updated June 2, 2022