Deleting your account

Manage your account


We’re committed to building the best productivity tools and experience possible, all with a Future Pass account.

Having said that, you’re not locked in — if you’d like to delete your account and data, you can start the process with us.

What will happen

  • Once we receive a verified request, we expect to begin the process within 7-days
  • A 60-day suspension will be applied to your account
  • You will have the option to “undo” your delete request during the suspension period, if you change your mind
  • You will receive email notifications during the suspension period
  • Any records which are shared with or by you, will be revoked.
  • Once the suspension expires, the delete request will be executed and a final email notification sent

Please note that whilst the core of your account data will be permanently deleted from our systems, some internal references may remain in order to maintain system integrity.

Next steps

To delete your account, please visit

Last updated June 1, 2022