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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Future Pass account?

Yes, creating a Future Pass account is required to provide you with the product / service.

I didn’t receive the Security Code

When you sign-up for a new account, or sign-in to an existing account, you’ll receive a Security Code by email.

Example security code email

If you didn’t receive the email with your security code, please confirm that:

  • you entered your email address correctly
  • it wasn’t sent to your junk / spam folder

I forgot my password

Future Pass relies on only you knowing your password, as it’s critical to keeping your account and data secure.

If you forget your password, there is currently no way to recover it (we don’t have a copy of it either).

You can request for your account to be reset (see below) if you really can’t remember it.

Can I reset my account?

Yes, you can request that your account be reset. Please note that any existing records will be lost as part of this process.

To reset your account, please refer to

Last updated October 8, 2021